Intelligent Services

Intelligent Services: solutions for making right decisions based on the handling of big (and often bad) data through using computational intelligence and data mining features.

Right decisions

  • Right decisions. Is it possible to use data as an assistant for making the right decisions in your business? The answer is yes. Nowadays the intelligent approaches help you to do it.

Big and bad data

  • A huge amount of data is confusing people. Moreover if this data is bad and messy. We consider it as a chance to discover very hidden knowledge and to understand things.

Clouds = "On fly"

  • Cloud computing is technology of providing the infrastructure to solve a great problem. We take care about computational costs.


We carefully studied the modern approaches of data mining and try to minimise users' contribution in the solving process.

  • To organise the pipeline of the solutions we used CRISP-DM approach
  • To get the best and accurate models we used the best practice of Computational intelligence and machine learning
  • To make the fastest calculation on fly we put everything to Azure


We provide services to solve business-oriented tasks using intelligent handling of the data.


We represent the Intelligent Automation System Groups who are busying with an idea: how to bring intelligence to automation systems.

Intelligent Cloud Data Mining Services программный продукт - как – сервис, предназначенный для решения задач прогнозирования временных рядов потребления электроэнергии в системах облачных вычислений